Best Women’s Golf Clubs Review Ever 2016

These are the best women’s golf clubs for sale on the market this year. They are lighter than those for a man, allowing a woman a more powerful swing.

They are the right length for her usually shorter reach. The best golf clubs for women are stylish but don’t take the default route of decorating items in pink.

Scroll down for reviews on top rated women’s golf clubs including Wilson, Precise, Golf Girl, Knight, and Confidence.

Wilson Women’s Hope Complete Golf Package Set


This is a complete set, with irons, drivers, hybrids, a wedge and every other type of golf club a female golfer needs. They are lightweight and have a right-sized handle for a woman’s grip. It also comes with a stylish silver and light blue carrying bag.

This is the best womens golf clubs for a lady golfer who avidly donates to the pink ribbon breast cancer awareness programs. Wilson donates a portion of the sale of each of these golf clubs to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the BCRF.

Precise GT-R Ladies Petite Complete Set


Women’s clubs are smaller and lighter than those used by men. For petite women, the selection of suitable golf clubs is even smaller, especially if she doesn’t want to use golf clubs meant for children.

This petite set of clubs contains clubs the proper size for a smaller woman while matching the standard right-handed sets Precise makes. These golf clubs cost a little more than average, but their quality is outstanding.

Not only do you get the full set of woods, drivers, irons and other clubs, you get a versatile golf bag and bag stand. The bag stand itself offsets this set’s slightly higher cost over the Wilson golf club set. And it comes with three matching head covers.

Golf Girl FWS2 PETITE Lady Pink Hybrid Club Set


These petite clubs are designed for a woman’s hands while meeting the needs of the serious golfer. Proudly pink, these Golf Girl clubs are quite affordable.

The oversized 460 cc driver is the largest legally allowed club. All of the clubs have graphite shafts to lessen their weight, increasing the range of each ball when hit.

This golf bag contains several pockets. One is a valuables pocket for items like a wallet or cell phone.

Another pocket is for a girl’s clothing, so she doesn’t have to lug both a golf bag and duffel bag around to have a change of shorts or another polo shirt when she gets too sweaty.

This bag and club set is designed for avid petite women players but is ideally suited for a teenage girl.

Knight Women’s XV II Complete Golf Set


This is the most affordable club set in this review. It has a full set of functional clubs plus a golf bag for a very low price. This is the best golf club set for a beginner who may not retain interest in the support.

Confidence Golf LADY POWER Hybrid Club Set


This club set is an affordable golf club set. Better yet, it includes a bag and bag stand. The stand bag has all weather grips and auto-pop legs for easy set up and tear down.

The flex steel shafts are light enough for a woman to get a powerful swing in. This is a good choice for a right handed female player who needs an affordable replacement set of clubs.

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