Best Snow Cone Machine Reviews Ever 2016

These are the best snow cone machine reviews and comparisons this year, including Paragon vs Great Northern. Looking for a fun way to stay cool in the summer heat? Maybe you want to start your own snowcone stand or shaved ice business.

The best snow cone machine reviews should include how you can use the machine, what you can use the snow cone maker to make and information on its long term reliability and quality, not just how cute it looks coming out of the box.

Paragon The Arctic Blast SnoCone Machine


This is the most expensive snow cone machine on the list. However, it is a high capacity machine, capable of shaving 500 pounds of either chunk ice or cube ice (like what you would get from the grocery store in 20 pound bags) per hour.

You can pour in ice from the freezer, and it handles any type of ice cube that is small enough to fit in the port. This model drains the moisture away from the ice to avoid turning snow cones into slushies before their time. It makes ground up ice pieces for slushies and snow cones but does not do shaved ice.

Don’t try to manipulated the blades to make different types of sliced ice, since this can make it more dangerous. The unit requires you to hold down a button for it to keep running, but this is a safety feature that prevents the blades from running in an unattended machine.

This means you either have one person feeding ice while another scoops ice for the guests or you alternate feeding ice and feeding people. It gives you easy access to the crushed ice without exposing a hand to the blades. The unit is easy to clean and durable.

Paragon Port-A-Blast SnoCone Machine


This machine is a little more expensive than the Great Northern snow cone machine. It is periodically marked down, which is a nice plus. This unit makes granular ice for use in snowcones and slushies, not shaved ice.

The ice does sometimes come off in larger chunks, but it generally puts out a consistent stream of granular ice suitable for a layer of flavored syrup and eager customers. This unit has capacity equal to the Arctic Blast. Its motor is just as powerful and handles all types of ice. The unit is rugged, durable and low maintenance.

This unit is a little lighter than the other Paragon snow machine, but that is because it doesn’t come with a tub. Conversely, this gives you the freedom to pick your own container and fit it into a corner of your store, wherever you’d like.

This unit has a safety feature that turns off the shaving process when the delivery tray is full. Once you clear out the chopped ice, it resumes work. This prevents a backlog that could damage components or make a big mess.

The unit needs less tending to run constantly than the other Paragon model, but you still need to check on the out-flow. Out of all these best snow cone machine reviews, the Port-A-Blast is best for anyone who needs a snowcone maker for their ice cream shop or snow cone stand.

Great Northern Commercial Ice Shaver


Great Northern is more famous for its popcorn machines, but they make shaved ice machines as well. This unit is the cheapest snow cone machine on the list. It has the lowest standard price, and you can often get even cheaper when it is on sale.

This snow cone machine is much smaller than the others, but it is perfect for placing in a corner of a store to sell snowcones as is. This unit can make 350 pounds of shaved ice per minute or none at all, depending on demand.

Which is the Best Snow Cone Machine for You?

If you need a snow cone machine in the refreshments corner of the store, the Great Northern model is the cheapest and most attractive unit out of the box.

If you want to have a snowcone machine that contains the ice in a food grade container rivaling the production and quality of a movie theater popcorn maker, buy the Paragon Arctic Blast.

If you want a high volume snow cone machine that is flexible in its installation and doesn’t have to be attractive, such as what you’d put in a drive through snowcone stand, the Paragon Port-A-Blast is your best choice.

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