Best Snow Blower Reviews Ever 2016

These are the best snow blowers for sale on the market this year. The best snow blower models on the market require little maintenance.

They provide a lot of power on a single charge or gas tank, won’t overheat in your hands while removing the snow and can double as leaf blowers or other yard equipment.

Scroll down for reviews and comparisons on top rated snow blowers including Snow Joe vs Snapper vs Murray.

Snow Joe iON18SB Cordless Brushless Snow Blower


This snowblower runs off a 40 volt lithium ion battery that can run the machine for up to forty minutes. It has a 500 watt motor.

It cuts a path up to a foot and a half wide and eight inches deep without scraping the concrete.

This blower has a headlight so you can work early in the morning before you get your car out of the garage or after the sun goes down if you can only do this work after getting back from work.

This is a low to no maintenance blower. It doesn’t need gas, due to the battery. It doesn’t need a cord, oil, tune ups or a pull cord.

Snapper 1696168 22-Inch Single Stage Snow Blower


This snowblower has a 22 inch path and 12.5 inch intake. This is the best snow blower for someone who lives somewhere that gets ten to twenty inches of snow at a time or periodically has to dig out the car.

This blower may be one of the more expensive options, but you get a high power engine with a three year limited warranty. It has an electric start you can trigger via remote so it is ready to go by the time you reach it.

Snow Joe SJ623E Ultra Electric Snow Thrower


This is the best snow blower for someone on a budget, the cheapest of the options on this list. It is easy to start and easier to operate.

It is a compact snowblower, good for clearing sidewalks but not as good a choice if you need to clear a large driveway along with the sidewalk.

It clears an eighteen inch path. It can remove up to ten inches of snow on one pass.
This is a corded blower, so you don’t have to worry about charging the battery before you clear the driveway or running out of juice before you are done with the sidewalk.

It has a two year full warranty, a good deal if you are worried about the unit conking out.

Snow Joe 324E Electric Snow Shovel


This blower is smaller than the other Snow Joe snow blower we’ve reviewed. This is a good, cheap but small snow blower. It is good for clearing a sidewalk and porch regularly but not large areas.

This is a good choice for someone with limited strength, balance and endurance to use instead of breaking out a snow shovel and who doesn’t have the money to pay $20 every time they need someone else to shovel the driveway clear.

It has a key lock to prevent unauthorized use, so it is a good choice if neighbors keep “borrowing” tools without your permission.

Murray 1695885 22-Inch Single State Snow Thrower


This is a snow thrower, not a snow blower. This powerful monster is heavy, sturdy and expensive. Conversely, it clears a nearly two foot wide path a foot deep, letting you quickly clear most sidewalks in one pass and many driveways in only a few minutes.

The auger and drive system help propel this unit, meaning it requires less strength than some of the cheaper, less powerful units that rely on a person’s muscle strength to move.

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