Best Slingbox Alternatives 2016 – Apple vs Roku vs Vulkano

These are 3 of the best Slingbox alternatives on the market this year. TV streaming has become a major market in the last few years, with services like Netflix and Hulu making their huge catalog of content available to watch on just about anything with a screen.

Watching live programming away from the TV set is also becoming increasingly popular, largely thanks to the success of the Slingbox – a set-top box which lets you stream your TV signal to your PC, laptop or mobile device.

Slingbox is still by far the biggest name in live TV streaming, but several niggling issues with equipment have left many consumers looking for a suitable Slingbox alternative. But what exactly is causing people to look elsewhere?

HDMI Troubles


The main issue for consumers with the most recent Sling Media Slingbox 500 has been around the HDMI output from the device, as encryption issues with several providers has meant that many of the channels are not compatible with the port.

The additional expense involved to use the mobile apps, along with the sluggish channel changing, has caused many people to look elsewhere. But what options are available? Several devices have emerged as realistic competitors to the Slingbox, and here we’ll take a look at 3 of the best.

Apple TV


Apple TV offers a less expensive solution for those looking to stream content to their devices, and as you might expect with an Apple product it’s extremely easy to set up and use.

The compatibility with other Apple devices means you can also stream music and video stored on your iPhone and iPad to your TV.

The iTunes library also has a huge back catalog of movies and TV shows which can be accessed through the Apple TV box.

Roku 3 Streaming Player


The Roku 3 Streaming Player is also considerably less expensive than the Slingbox, and offers a few unique features not found in the other Slingbox alternatives. The remote features a headphone jack, which is great for those looking to keep the noise down or get some privacy in a busy house!

The Roku 3 also has a huge selections of content, with over 750 channels and access to most of the major streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. Unlike the Slingbox, the Roku 3 app for mobile devices is free – another major plus for those looking for a more affordable alternative.

Vulkano Flow


The big selling point of the Vulkano Flow is the wide range of devices it supports and its ease of use, both of which have earned praise in the technology press. Performance on both PC and Mac based players has been described as excellent by several reviewers, with the Flow client offering the ability to pause and rewind live TV flawlessly.

Live TV recording is available on PC’s, Mac and iPad – a feature not available on the aforementioned Apple TV and Roku 3 player. The Vulkano Flow is an excellent, affordable option for those looking for a TV streaming solution.

Slingbox Competitors

The Slingbox name has become synonymous with TV streaming to the point where it’s largely known as ‘slinging’ content to your device. The market is beginning to change, with an ever-increasing range of Slingbox competitors available to consumers – each with their own unique feature set which will appeal to different segments of the market.

Originally posted 2013-03-17 06:33:51. Updated and Republished.