Best Novelty Toilet Seat Ever 2016

These are the best novelty toilet seats for sale on the market this year. The best novelty toilet seat is a funny or cute decorative piece in one of the most regularly visited rooms in the house.

It should be comfortable to use and easy to clean. Ideally, the toilet seat fits into your décor as well as it does to your bottom.

Scroll down to discover the perfect design and style to match your personality.

Trimmer Polyresin Toilet Seats


This design isn’t really a novelty, it is more of a decorator item. It has a sea theme, down to the seashells that line the rim of the lid.

A light aqua color, it is stain resistant. Whether you have blue or sea green bathroom décor, this toilet seat will fit in.

Or use it to liven up a bathroom that is overwhelmingly and oppressively white. It is easy to clean, a must for a pretty toilet seat. And it is easy to install.

Glow in the Dark Neon Toilet Seat


This glow in the dark toilet seat is the best novelty toilet seat for a young boy who seems unwilling to go to the bathroom at night due to his fear of the dark. He may want to go to the bathroom at two in the morning just to see how cool it looks.

This is also a good gift for a guy who constantly goes to the bathroom at night due to prostate problems, since his significant other will appreciate not having to turn on the light repeated times during the night.

One possible advantage of this toilet seat is that party guests staggering into the bathroom late at night won’t miss the toilet and make a mess in the tub or sink instead. The lid won’t light up the room to the point that you have full visibility but you can clearly see where the toilet and its rim are located.

This glow in the dark design is available in both blue and green glowing colors. You can buy a standard round or an elongated, best for those who are heavier. However, the seat lid can’t handle someone two hundred pounds or heavier sitting on it without warping or cracking.

It is a standard seat during the day, durable and cleanable. Have the lid up during the day to recharge the glow of the seat.

Comfort Seats Butterflies Toilet Seat


This novelty piece is decorated with butterflies, leaves and flowers. It is also simple to install. Self-aligning hardware makes that task significantly easier.

One caveat is to check the dimensions of the hardware; if the hardware doesn’t cover the holes at the base of the toilet, the nuts and bolts won’t fasten securely. The colors are molded in so that they don’t fade over time.

This toilet seat is one of the most chemically resistant on the market. It won’t fade, warp, crack or deform after repeated exposure to bleach and other cleaning chemicals.

Lighthouse Sculptured Molded Wood Toilet Seat


This wood toilet seat is molded to create a sailboat and lighthouse pattern. This is the best novelty toilet seat for a nautical themed bathroom or a child’s bathroom off of a pirate, nautical or ocean themed room.

One benefit of this one is the fact that it was designed to fit almost all round toilet seat bowls, provided the plumbing was made in the U.S.A. It is easy to clean. And it is the simplest toilet seat to replace.

RealTree Camouflage Round Toilet Seat


This is the best novelty toilet seat for the hunter, survivalist or outdoorsman in your life. It is manufactured with realtree 3D camouflage. It is a good one to use in the master bathroom or a bathroom off the den. You could also give it as a gag gift, for use on top of a campsite latrine.

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