Best Novelty Toilet Paper Ever 2016

What is the best novelty toilet paper? The best novelty toilet paper is comfortable when used for its intended purpose while making a statement or challenging one’s assumptions in life, while probably garnering more attention and generating more discussion than the bathroom reader you gave someone last year.

The best novelty toilet paper to give someone depends on the occasion. Let’s look at some of the top contenders for the best novelty toilet paper on the market this year.

Happy 1st Paper Anniversary


This is the best novelty toilet paper to give someone for their first anniversary. Unless your husband is unemployed, fancy resume paper is useless, and twenty pounds of printer paper may last you until your fifth anniversary. The Just Paper Roses novelty toilet paper is emblazoned with love notes and “happy anniversary”.

This would certainly be a surprising and amusing anniversary present, but at least you know he’ll use it, unlike the lawn care items you were looking at down at the hardware store. Unlike the snow shovel he might not like or use, this won’t sit in the garage gathering dust until someone gets around to needing it.

It’s cheaper than most tools, too. Whether or not a guy would give this as a gift to his bride on their first anniversary depends on her tolerance for jokes and whether or not the present is late. If you are late, just give her roses.

Obama Funny Toilet Paper


One of the greatest insults one can give is that they aren’t worthy to wipe the gunk off your shoe or poop of your rear. It has long been a sign of political protest to burn a picture or pee on it.

Do you have a relative who hates President Obama? One of the greatest insults they could perform is wiping their bottoms with his face.

This is the best novelty toilet paper for the Tea Party member or devout Republican in your life. For less than the price of one of the latest conservative political commentary books, you can give someone two rolls of Obama funny toilet paper.

And unlike the political books they might not read or will read before generating hours of debate around the dinner table, your friends or family can exercise their First Amendment rights to free expression in private.

100 Dollar Bill Toilet Roll


Thumbs Up sells the “100 Dollar Bill” toilet paper roll. This is the cheapest novelty toilet paper we’ve reviewed, even allowing for shipping. This is the best novelty toilet paper for the aspiring millionaire in the family, such as anyone who reads Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad fame or constantly talks about get rich schemes.

Alternatively, it is a good gag gift for people who have little money and are trying to get out of debt. If your friend or family member is a devout fan of Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman or the book “Your Money or Your Life”, they might appreciate a practical gift that reminds them of the distant fantasy of having money to burn or its equivalent.

You could give this toilet paper to someone upon graduating college or taking their first job out of school, as a gag gift, showing that they are in the money now. It is also eminently affordable, with one gag roll costing less than many money management books.

Originally posted 2014-09-10 21:06:32. Updated and Republished.