Best Novelty Playing Cards Ever 2016

These are the best novelty playing cards for sale on the market this year. Playing cards can be used for a variety of things, such as collecting, magic tricks and card games.

You can fool your friends with an illusion, play poker or simply marvel over the beauty of these cards.

Novelty Playing Cards Deck in 999.9 Gold Plating


The ‘999.9 Gold Plating Playing Cards’ are a interesting product. The fifty four cards, with two Jokers, have the usual Aces, Kings and Queens but they have been made with gold plating, making this a luxurious deck. It comes in a handsome mahogany box and the overall look and feel to the card set is class and sophistication.

Bicycle Alchemy Playing Cards


The ‘Bicycle Alchemy Playing Cards’ are a must for goth and horror fans. Instead of the regular playing card design these cards have beautiful fantasy, steampunk and gothic artwork printed on them.

The air cushion finish means easier shuffling and stronger cards. Art lovers will enjoy the various illustrations by ‘Alchemy’. Have something creepy yet pretty to look at while you play poker. The ‘Alchemy’ cards are the highest rated deck out of all the products.

Magic Makers Bicycle Blank Face Red Back Deck


Another ‘Bicycle’ product from the best novelty playing cards is the ‘Magic Makers Blank Face Deck’. The back of the cards are red while the front is completely blank.

This deck allows you to show off your creative flair, while you’re getting ready for a card game everyone can draw their own card designs on the blank sides of the cards. It also has a air cushion finish like the ‘Alchemy’ cards for a better gaming experience. This is also the cheapest product in comparison with the others.

Magic Makers Black Scorpion Deck


‘Bicycle’s Magic Makers Black Scorpion Deck’ is a black and yellow deck with a scorpion on the back. As well as the usual fifty two cards there are four extra ‘gaff’ cards that can be used with magic tricks.

The deck also comes with instructions to teach you a few magic tricks. Whether you want this to perform tricks with or to play a card game this is a cool, masculine deck.

Masters Bicycle Combo


‘Masters Bicycle Combo: Invisible, Svengali and Standard Blue Back’ are three decks specifically for magic tricks. Perform the ‘pick a card’ trick and wow your friends.

This comes with instructions to help you learn how to perform great tricks and the three sets of playing cards ensures brilliant illusions that will make people wonder how you managed to do it.

Which Novelty Playing Cards Should I Choose?

If you want to have a go at card magic then the best decks for this is the ‘Scorpion’ and ‘Masters Bicycle Combo’ as they come with instructions.

The ‘Scorpion’ deck would be the best if you are new to it while the combo is for more complex tricks.

The best novelty playing cards for interesting designs would have to be the ‘Alchemy’ cards as they have stunning artwork on them.

The blank playing cards allow you to draw your own illustrations on them, children might enjoy creating their own card deck and then playing with them.

The first product, the gold plated cards, has a rich, elegant appearance which brings a Casino like atmosphere to the poker table.

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