Best Math Computer Games for Kids Ever 2016

These are the best math computer games for kids on the market this year. The best math computer games for kids are adjustable to the child’s level.

They allow parents to let the kids run through the games without intense supervision and are fun enough to engross children for hours.

These teach kids the math skills they need or reinforce what was already reviewed without boring drills.

Math Rider


Math Rider is an electronic replacement for the flash cards you may have used to memorize addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. This math game works in part because it goes at your child’s speed.

It will never get impatient as your child counts out the answer or struggles to remember 8×7. You can let your child run through the trials at his or her own level while you make dinner, freeing up time to answer questions like how to carry a number or review the child’s English homework.

One of the benefits of Math Rider is the full function seven day trial. Then you can try it before you buy it, instead of trying the basic functions and wondering if the locked functions work for you. The math game works on both Apple and Windows PCs.

Timez Attack


Timez Attack is a good choice for kids in third grade, when they start having to memorize multiplication math facts. It is a decent math game for fourth graders to hone their multiplication skills before they have to start multiplying two digit numbers. After all, if you forget what 7×6 is, you’ll get 17×6 wrong.

Timez Attack is designed around an adventure video game, so this is one of the few math games that will keep a child otherwise addicted to gaming coming back to study math facts.

Big Brainz Division


This game is a no-brainer by fifth grade, when kids start hitting division facts hard. Similar to the Big Brainz Multiplication, it uses a character in the game who must solve math problems to progress on the journey to force the child to solve problems – and get them right.

This game will engage your child for hours, improving division skills and reinforcing math facts when they return to play the game again. This game teaches division facts two through twelve.

Big Brainz Addition


Big Brainz Addition is an immersive video game to teach addition math facts. This is a good game for kindergarten through second graders who need to learn or practice addition math facts.

And it will keep his or her attention longer and better than the flash cards you struggle to run through in an evening. Your child will struggle to find the right answer if only to progress through the game.

This is one the best math computer games for kids who need to learn addition facts and can’t otherwise be peeled away from their PC.

Big Brainz Subtraction


Big Brains subtraction is a subtraction version of the Big Brainz addition game. This game develops complete fluency, recording which math facts your child consistently gets right before repeating those that the child misses.

Your child won’t practice three times three over and over again while neglecting times seven or times eight facts.

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