Best iPod Speakers Review Ever 2016

These are the best iPod speakers for sale on the market this year. Many iPod users have a common question to ask – Do I need another speaker if my iPod has built-in speakers already?

You will come to know the importance of another speaker when you listen to your favorite music in the best iPod speakers.

You will be delighted to find that your iPod can be transformed magically to an entertaining boom box by adding a simple and small device – an external speaker. Scroll down for the best iPod speakers ever made.

AYL Portable Mini Speaker System

AYL Portable Mini Speaker System

What comes to your mind when you think of a speaker? I am sure you are reminded of a big and heavy black box, isn’t it? You can change your idea right now. This portable mini speaker from AYL is a small and cute speaker. It is absolutely weightless.

You get a beautiful and rich looking velvet pouch. Pack your speaker in this pouch and drop it in your pocket. Your speaker is ready to travel with you wherever you go.

Do you have a smart phone? Do you have a MP3 player? Do you love to listen to songs in your PC or Laptop when you work? Here is some good news for you. You can use this speaker for all these devices.

You are assured of good music wherever you go. The amplifier is designed to produce sound of exceptional quality. You can listen to uninterrupted music for at least 10 hours. What next? It has a rechargeable battery. Plug in and charge the battery and continue to listen to your favorite songs again.

Did you have a look at this iPod speaker? It looks smaller than a tennis ball. I am sure you are feeling doubtful about the volume of sound it produces. Don’t underestimate the volume by seeing the size. The sound is very loud but clear. You can hear the sound from the next room.

The quality is too good to be true. It makes a wonderful gift for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and Christmas. Let your near and dear ones too enjoy the same pleasure that you enjoy. Gift them the best iPod speakers and watch their eyes lit with joy.

iHome iHM60LY 3.5mm Aux Portable Speaker for MP3 Players

iHome Portable Speaker for MP3 Players

Do you want to buy a beautiful, compact, translucent and a bright-colored external speaker? If so, iHome speaker is a good choice. It is unbelievably small. It can fit in a child’s palm but can deliver a deafening sound.

Do you love to listen to music while driving a car? Not all cars are silent. Some of them, especially the older ones, are very noisy.

It is quite impossible to listen to music in these cars. iHome speakers is a boon to those who drive noisy cars. Are you one among them? If so, you can listen to music clearly if you buy this speaker.

You can listen to music and simultaneously have the speaker charged. It has a collapsible speaker that can be twisted to expand. You have the choice of choosing single speaker or dual speaker. The speaker can be connected to any head phone jack (3.5 mm). It is compatible because it works with phones, MP3 players and laptops etc.

The battery is inbuilt, powerful, long lasting and durable. You can charge it in a standard charger. You need not carry a separate charger wherever you go.

Here is a caution. It is too loud that you may not be able to hear your spouse or parents shouting at the top of their voice. Make sure that they don’t throw this iPod speaker in utter frustration.

Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker

Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker

The size of this iPod speaker is small, compact and easy to carry with the pouch that comes along with the product. You can store it conveniently. If the size is small, it is generally believed that you can listen to the music only if you sit right next the speaker. This is not so. This iPod speaker is a proof for that.

You can listen to the music loud and crystal clear wherever you are even if the room is large. Keep the speaker in one corner and stand in another corner. You are sure to hear deafening sound. It delivers a unique 360 degree sound. You are sure to feel the difference in quality of the sound the moment you hear it.

What should you do? Just plug and press the play button. Wait until the light starts to blink and get ready to listen to great music. The lithium ion battery is powerful and you can recharge it. It works for all your smart devices.

It has great looks and is sure to attract the attention of everyone. Get ready to get appreciative and curious glances when you carry it around.

AYL vs iHome vs Kinivo iPod Speakers

Listening to loud music can help you to get relief from stress. It is better to listen to quality music in the best iPod speakers. The prices of all these speakers are unbelievably affordable. You need not have any second thoughts about buying them. Every speaker is worth more than the money spent.

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