Best Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls Ever 2016

These are the best gifts for 6 year old girls this year. When you are searching for a good gift for a young girl there are lots of things to consider. Such as, would they prefer a beautiful gift to keep on their bedside table or something they can be imaginative with?

These three gifts are considered the best gifts for 6 year old girls as they will help their imaginations grow or be something that they will consider pretty and entertaining. Scroll down to get the perfect present for that special six year old girl in your life.

Ballerina Treasure Music Box


The ‘Ballerina Treasure Music Box’ is an incredibly sweet music box, and the cheapest out of the three gifts, which can be used to store jewelry and mementos.

Alongside the actual box it has four drawers, a large drawer at the front and back with a smaller drawer, perfect for little things such as earrings or badges, on either side.

There is a mirror inside of the box and, when the box is opened, the small ballerina figure will turn. The music which plays is ‘Swan Lake’. This is a pretty music box which any girl who likes ballerinas will love.

Pretend & Play School Set


The ‘Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set’ is one of the best gifts for 6 year old girls when considering a fun, educational gift.

This gift creates a schoolroom setting with a pop up set which can be folded up when not in use. It has maps, calenders, clocks and a bell as well as a variety of around 149 objects to replicate a classroom.

The girl you are buying for can play the role of teacher and teach other children. It can’t be played with very well by one child, however, this is a great learning experience for girls who enjoy pretend play. It was the highest rated gift in comparison to the others.

Fairy Princess Costume Set


The ‘Pink & Hot Pink 5 Piece Fairy Princess Costume Set’ is another great gift for girls who like to use their imagination, they can wear this costume to add to the fun when being a fairy or princess.

Everything, except for the silver tiara, is in pink. The halo has flowers and ribbons while the fairy wings are covered in glitter with feathers in the middle.

Which 6 Year Old Girl’s Gift Should I Buy?

The music box is a very beautiful gift and the ballerina alongside the ‘Swan Lake’ music will make girls want to open the box again and again.

It’s a great gift if they like to collect small things and need somewhere to keep them safe, though they can’t actually play with it as they can with the other gifts.

The schoolroom play set is an excellent gift to choose if you want to give them something educational.

In comparison the fairy princess dress allows girls to feel like a fairy without needing others to interact with them, as the school set requires.

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