Best Fish Fryer Reviews Ever 2016

These are the best fish fryer reviews and comparisons this year, including Bayou Classic vs Masterbuilt vs King Kooker.

Whether you are looking for an indoor fish fryer that is suitable for everyday use or an outdoor fish fryer for feeding large crowds at the next fish fry, there are plenty of high rated ones to choose from.

Keep in mind that fish fryers are great for more than just fish. From authentic fried chicken to hush puppies and even popular foods that you usually just enjoy at the fair, a good fish fryer can do it all, and will offer different features like adjustable temperature control to keep from burning fried foods.

Below are three different top rated fish fryers that offer the best value.

Bayou Classic Bayou Fish Fryer


If you are looking for an outdoor fryer that is perfect for large crowds then the Bayou 4 gallon fryer is a great choice.

Due to its unique design, you can fry chicken, french fries and other foods without worrying about the batter burning. The Bayou is a large capacity fryer made of all stainless steel.

The fry baskets will allow you to cook two different foods at once. And because the base oil stays cooler, the oil will stay cleaner.

Masterbuilt Indoor Electric Fish Fryer


Another good choice in fish fryers is the Masterbuilt Indoor fish fryer. The Masterbuilt is a nice sized fryer that will hold a whole gallon of oil to fry up a large amount of food, yet wont take up a lot of kitchen space.

It has an adjustable temperature control and will allow you to fry up to 375 degrees. It also features a digital timer as well as a breakaway cord for safety. The Masterbuilt fryer is also easy to clean and includes an extra large basket.

King Kooker Propane Outdoor Fish Fryer


What’s nice about the King Kooker 16-Inch Propane Outdoor Cooker is that it is not only large but also portable. Like the Bayou Classic Fryer, it holds two baskets, which sit in a large aluminum pan. The handles are heat resistant for safety. The King Kooker comes with a thermometer as well as a recipe booklet to get you started.

Which is the Best Fish Fryer for You?

When it comes to choosing a high quality fish fryer, the Bayou Classic, Masterbuilt and King Kooker are all popular.

For those who plan to fry for large crowds often then the Bayou is an excellent choice, in fact many customers purchase this model for commercial use and rate it as restaurant quality.

The King Kooker is a great choice if you are looking for a fryer that is portable and more for occasional use yet still feeds a crowd.

And for those who would prefer an indoor fryer that will easily feed their family but still large enough for a small crowd then the Masterbuilt is an excellent choice.

The best fish fryer really depends on exactly what you plan to use it for. Are you looking for a good sized fryer for large crowds or huge outdoor events?

Or maybe you want a smaller size that you can use indoors on your counter top. How about a fish fryer that can cook two different foods simultaneously?

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