Best Emergency Radio Reviews Ever 2016

These are the best emergency radio reviews and comparisons this year, including Epica vs Eton vs Safe-T-Proof. The best emergency radio provides a vital source of information when the power is out and cell phone towers are down.

The best emergency radios double as light sources or emergency signal generators in addition to providing vital communications. The ideal radios run off a variety of power sources so that you aren’t left without critical information if there’s no power and your backup batteries are dead.

Epica Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio


This emergency radio can run off batteries, solar power and a hand crank. It can also charge your cell phone when the power is out, though it is slow if you’re down to the hand crank.

Or you can charge it via the USB connection, such as recharging it from a laptop computer connected to a generator; the same USB connection has a DC cord that lets you charge it from a generator.

This permits you to charge up the emergency radio and then recharge your cell phone or other mobile devices. This is the most expensive emergency radio on this list. However, it is the best option for hurricane prone regions, since it is water proof.

It is a good universal device for taking camping or keeping in a get out of dodge bag; it can charge your portable GPS, cell phone, eBook reader and other devices or let Mom hear the NOAA weather alerts.

Eton Self-Powered Emergency Radio


This emergency radio is middle of the pack in terms of price, but on sale it rivals the cheapest one on this list. It gets both AM and FM frequencies, so it can double as a general home radio. This weather radio can be powered by solar cells or turning the hand crank.

Unlike the Epica, you can’t charge it via a DC connection and then use it to recharge other devices. What you get in return is a very small weather radio that fits in the palm of your hand. Keep it in a pocket of your backpack or corner of your tool box for when you need it.

Safe-T-Proof Solar Emergency Radio


This small emergency radio is the best emergency radio for those on a budget. It has a small solar cell to power the radio, flashlight and emergency signal beacon. You can extend its operating life by using the hand crank or solar cells.

It can double as a cell phone charger if you have access to a second power source like manual labor or solar power. One benefit of this emergency radio is its small size and portability; it is essentially a hand flashlight/radio combination.

This unit is also the only one made specifically to generate an emergency beacon for signaling help; this is the best choice for throwing in the back of your car for keeping informed during an evacuation and signaling for help if necessary.

Which is the Best Emergency Radio for You?

The Epica emergency radio is the best choice for those who want to use one device for everything from recharging cell phones to listening to weather warnings to lighting up the tent before bed.

The Eton emergency radio is best for hikers and campers who need to save every ounce while staying informed about weather conditions. The Safe-T-Proof radio is ideal for those on a budget or need an all-in-one emergency signal and communication solution. The Safe-T-Proof is ideal for a cache of survival supplies next to the spare tire or taking out into the wilderness.

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