Best Electronic Torque Wrench Reviews 2016

These are the best electronic torque wrenches for sale on the market this year. Is your car acting up again and you don’t really want to use a regular wrench for it, as it wouldn’t be productive?

Well then, the best electronic torque wrench can offer you all the help you need in this regard, making life easier for when your car needs some bolts tightened up or anything one such wrench could help you with.

The following paragraphs will present you with 3 of the best electronic torque wrenches you can find on the market.

CDI Torque 1002CF3 Drive Computorq 3 Electronic Torque Wrench, 3/8-Inch

CDI Electronic Torque Wrench

This amazing wrench will actually display the torque value using a digital screen, in any of the 4 torque units.

You can even set your desired torque value and then apply force until the green LED lights the wrench features, will start to illuminate.

For aircraft, watercraft, motorcycle, automotive, but also industrial applications, this wrench is definitely a solid choice.

The wrench has a 15 degree flex ratcheting head, a sleek design and has a torque ranging between 10 to 100 foot pounds.

Thanks to the ergonomically designed molded non slip rubber grip, using it is very simple and it will definitely not slip out of your hands.

People who used it appreciated its quality of construction and the real-time display of torque values.

GearWrench 85071 1/2-Inch Drive Electronic Torque Wrench 25 – 250 ft lb

GearWrench 85071 Electronic Torque Wrench

This can be considered the best electronic torque wrench because it puts a 33,9 – 330 Nm torque wrench, a 300 – 3,000 inches per pound wrench and a 15 to 250 foot pounds wrench in a single tool.

The breakaway torque of this tool allows you to easily measure the amount of torque required to remove an installed faster, which is great if you don’t have a manual at hand or have to work on aftermarket parts.

The breakaway torque makes use of a buzzer with green, yellow and red lights to tell you when the targeted level of torque is reached and it also features 4 control buttons.

In what regards the buzzer, it’s protected by a shock resistant housing so it’s protected against accidents. Reading the torque values can be done thanks to the backlit LCD screen. The tool comes with lifetime warranty. Individuals who used it loved the easiness of using it and its incredible accuracy.

Brown Line Metalworks BLD0212BM Digital Torque Wrench

Brown Line Metalworks BLD0212BM Digital Torque Wrench

This wrench comes with visual (LEDs) and audible signals alerting you when you reached the target torque. As the target nears, you’ll thus be able to adjust your pull speed and avoid over-torquing.

Once you hit your target torque, a buzzer and red light will alert you at the same time.

The Brown Line Metalworks is very accurate and features an eight bit micro CPU and the Double Gear Sensing System Technology, producing very precise torque readings of plus – minus 3.5% counterclockwise and clockwise.

Compared to other wrenches, when being stored, this model doesn’t have to be turned down to its lowest setting, which is the main reason so many torque wrenches out there need to be re-calibrated.

In terms of range, the tool has a value between 15 to 150 foot pounds, making it perfect for automotive use.

Those who used it liked the easiness of reading the LCD display and the alerts when they get close to the desired torque.

CDI Torque vs GearWrench vs Brown Line Metalworks

It’s certain that some of these tools are better than the rest in the list, with the CDI Torque 1002CF3 being perfect for those wanting a solid grip, a maximum 100 foot pound torque and LCD value displays.

On the other hand, the GearWrench 85071 is for the hardcore user, featuring a maximum 250 foot pounds torque, while the Brown Line Metalworks is great for people who don’t want to deal with recalibrations.

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