Best Electric Kettle Reviews Ever 2016

These are the best electric kettle reviews and comparisons this year, including Bonavita vs Breville vs Cuisinart. Do you drink a lot of tea or coffee?

An electric kettle can be the perfect answer for hot water in a flash. If you’re looking for the best electric kettle, you’ll want to take a look at these three cordless models.

Electric kettles are great for people who want boiling water in a hurry without using the stove. Actually, they heat water much faster than on a stove and use less electricity.

They’re perfect for people without a stove, students come to mind. An electric kettle is an ideal addition to a dorm room. They’re also ideal for an office or workshop or anywhere you spend a lot of time and want a hot drink handy.

Bonavita Digital Electric Kettle


The Bonavita Digital Electric Kettle is a brushed stainless steel kettle that holds 1.7 liters. It has a gooseneck spout that makes it easy to control the speed of your pour with no drips.

It heats up fast to the exact temperature you want. It can heat water from 140 degrees to 212 degrees F. There is a digital panel that shows what the temperature is while it is heating.

It will heat in 1 degree increments. Once it has reached the temperature you want, the kettle will stay at that temperature for up to an hour. Perfect for brewing different kinds of teas or coffee grinds that need a specific temperature.

Breville Clear Electric Kettle


The Breville Crystal Clear Electric Kettle does just one thing, it boils water, and it does it very well. The kettle itself is made of German Schott glass.

The clear glass doesn’t add any “off” taste to the water and you can see it come to the boil. There are plastic parts that come in contact with the water, but they are all BPA free per the manufacturer.

The Breville has a nice compact base, just the size of the kettle. No fancy buttons or alarms, just a discreet click when turning off after your water has boiled. There is also a boil dry auto shut off for when you forget.

Cuisinart Cordless Electric Kettle


The Cuisinart Stainless Steel Electric Kettle is a 1.7 liter kettle. The inside of the kettle is all stainless steel, except for the indicator window which is BPA free plastic.

The window is great because it shows just how much water there is in the kettle. You won’t need to lift the lid and peer into the kettle and guess. You can also easily see when the water is boiling.

There is a blue indicator light that tells you the kettle is on. When the kettle reaches the boil, it will automatically shut itself off. The stay-cool handle and lid are a nice addition that make it easy to use.

Which is the Best Electric Kettle for You?

If you want stainless steel, the Cuisinart or Bonavita are what you’re looking for. If you want exact control over your water temperature, the Bonavita should be your choice. If you prefer a glass kettle, then the Breville is your choice.

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