Best Bucket Ice Cream Maker Reviews Ever 2016

These are the best bucket ice cream maker reviews and comparisons this year, including Nostalgia Electrics vs Aroma vs Hamilton Beach. Have you been looking for an old fashioned ice cream maker for this summer? You’ll want to find the best bucket ice cream maker, one that will keep making you frozen treats for far more than just one summer.

These three bucket ice cream makers are the kind you pack ice and rock salt around a center canister. A churn attachment with paddles goes on top and the paddles churn the ice cream. The ice and rock salt freeze the ice cream as it churns and hey presto! Real ice cream.

There is nothing quite like homemade ice cream. Using your own ingredients and being able to add whatever you’re craving, whether it’s fresh fruit or gummy bears, makes it extra special. Something about actually making your own ice cream makes people slow down a bit more to really enjoy it.

All of these ice cream makers make about 4 quarts of ice cream. They all have an aluminum canister for your ingredients that you can pre-chill to make your ice cream even faster. None of the outer containers leak, but there is a lot of condensation and things can get a little messy, so they are best used outdoors where ice cream should be enjoyed anyway.

Nostalgia Electrics Bucket Ice Cream Maker


The Nostalgia Electrics 4-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker does the work for you. It has plastic dashers and a plastic bucket for easy clean up. Add your ingredients, put ice and rock salt around the canister and turn it on. Pretty soon you’ll have homemade ice cream that tastes so much better than what you get at the store, plus the fun of making it.

Aroma Traditional Bucket Ice Cream Maker


The Aroma Traditional Ice Cream Maker really is a traditional ice cream maker with a solid wooden bucket. Kids love the idea of hand cranking an ice cream churn, but their arms and attention often give out before the ice cream is ready. This traditional ice cream maker gives you the option of using the hand crank or the electric motor to churn your ice cream.

Hamilton Beach Automatic Bucket Ice-Cream Maker


The Hamilton Beach Automatic Ice-Cream Maker is another easy to use electric ice cream maker. It makes about 4 quarts in 20 to 40 minutes and automatically stops when its done. Simply add your ingredients, layer on the ice and rock salt and turn it on. No stirring needed. You have the choice of ice cream, sherbet, custard, or gelato to cool you down on a hot summer day.

Which is the Best Bucket Ice Cream Maker for You?

If you want everything fully automated, including stopping when it is done, then you’ll appreciate the Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker. If you still want a motor to do the churning but want to be in charge of everything else, then take a look at the Nostalgia Electrics. If you want something a bit heavier and really old fashioned that you can crank by hand if you want to, then the Aroma Traditional ice cream maker should be at the top of your list.

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