Best Baby ExerSaucers Review Ever 2016

These are the best baby exersaucer reviews and comparisons this year, including Fisher-Price vs Baby Einstein.

The best baby exersaucers provide safe play spaces for infants, giving them an upright and panoramic view of the world.

The ideal exersaucer contains many interactive and educational toys to keep a child entertained for hours while keeping the child safely contained, unable to climb out of a playstation that won’t let them fall out or get hurt.

The best exersaucers also provide ways for the child to burn off energy and get exercise, whether jumping up and down in a bouncer or kicking items to generate sound effects or activate toys.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo


This is a rainforest themed jumperoo, with toys hanging on overhanging plastic leaves to encourage your child to jump up to reach them. The toys on the exersaucer are brightly colored, vibrant and engaging.

The child can set off sounds and music without a loud, tacky or tinny soundboard going off. This exersaucer is middle of the pack on price, whether you pay full price or get it at a discount.

It only needs 3 AA batteries. This exersaucer is rated to 25 pounds. The exersaucer itself weighs almost seventeen pounds and takes up roughly three feet on each side.

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center


This exersacuer is loaded with water-themed toys, from dangling fish and nautical rattles to spinning orcas and turtles.

This is the cheapest exersaucer on this list at its full price. Better yet, it is often available on sale. The downside is that it needs six batteries to operate, many of which are not standard.

Parents will appreciate the ability to switch from classical music to languages to piano sounds as the child plays. This extends the novelty of the exersaucer’s toys and a parent’s patience if they are tired of musical notes.

You can adjust the saucer’s height as the child grows, allowing infants to dangle their feet without stubbing their toes. This exersaucer does have the same 25 pound maximum weight limit for the child.

This exersaucer weighs a little less than the Rainforest Jumperoo but has a somewhat smaller footprint, making this the better choice for fitting in a corner of the living room or setting in the middle of a more constrained space.

Fisher-Price Little Superstar Step N’ Play Piano


This exersaucer lets your child make musical sounds with their feet as they kick at random; you can remove the exersaucer portion and let the child climb over the piano notes portion and play music.

This means that even when the child is too big for the exersaucer, they will still crawl over and bang on it or the toddler will dance on it to make their own music. The bouncer’s self-contained walker does encourage natural walking movements more than the other exersaucers on this list.

This exercauer is in the middle in terms of floor space it takes up. It shares the 25 pound weight limit for the child. It uses 3 C batteries for all of these effects, but it goes through them much faster than the other exersaucers. This is the most expensive baby exersaucer on this list, if you pay full price.

Which is the Best Baby ExerSaucer for You?

The Little Superstar Step N’ Play Piano models are the best baby exersaucers for those who want to encourage musical exploration and have a toy the child will play with after the kid can walk.

The Baby Einstein Baby Neptune model is the best exersaucer for someone on a budget. The Rainforest Jumperoo is a good solution for kids that love to bounce up and down but shouldn’t be in a baby swing or jumping harness all day.

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